Platform Benefits

Both platforms utilize digital card facsimiles which eliminates the need for dealers and players to handle paper cards, thereby providing a significant reduction in dealer fraud and error. In addition to the security enhancements provided by both DTS and X-Table platforms, with the DTS, the dealer hiring profile can be drastically changed and dealer training greatly reduced as a result of the technology and with the X-table, no dealers are necessary!

Real time card peeking, instant card “totaling,” the suggested play feature (optional), and the instant outcome borders are just a few examples of how these platforms provide an enjoyable and stress-free gambling experience for the player. Simultaneously, the dealer is free to be more of an entertainer than just a “card dealer” or game rule enforcer.

Benefits to the Casino:

  • Use of paperless cards with instant outcome borders eliminates card-marking, dealer-player collusion, and dealer error through automatic hand totaling.
  • Eliminates traditional fixed operating costs such as paper cards, card shufflers, Blackjack peeking devices, and extensive dealer training (can employ hostess instead of more expensive croupier).
  • Affords the opportunity to cross train your staff (such as training one employee to be both a server and a game host) resulting in lower training costs and shorter training periods. This lessens high absenteeism impact and improves employee morale.
  • Stores valuable statistical game data and allows rule customization to maximize the house's HOLD.
  • Plays up to three times faster than traditional table games increasing your establishment’s overall DROP.
  • Attracts new younger players and improves the Casino floor offering.

Benefits to the Player:

  • Eliminates new game/table game intimidation through automatic card totaling, distinct game result borders and suggested play (casino option) features.
  • Improved, stress-free social interaction with dealer and other players.
  • Displays the dealer's and the active player's cards at each position.
  • Ensures player is getting random shuffle every deal.
  • No waiting through lengthy shuffling process.

Benefits to the Dealer:

  • Eliminates stress caused by card dealing, extensive game rules, and rapid card totaling (individual hand totals are instantly and automatically tallied by the game).
  • Increases table productivity (more hands per hour = more tips).
  • Improves job security through cross training.