DigiDeal™ Corporation
The Benchmark in E-Table Technology and Innovation

The gaming industry got its first glimpse of the future of table games at the 1999 World Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. At that show, DigiDeal first unveiled its hosted DCS (Digital Card System) and reactions were mixed. Most saw it as a brilliant innovation that would change the table game industry forever while a few skeptics said the players would never trust a computer. A short decade later the skeptics have been proven wrong as nearly every game in today’s casino incorporates some type of computer software or RNG(Random Number Generator). And both players and operators around the world are embracing DigiDeal’s proprietary e-table technology.

DigiDeal continues to set the standard for e-table games and platforms. The Digital Table System (DTS) offers maximum flexibility and increased operational efficiencies while maintaining the true feel and play of a live table game. Operators can choose from the DTS-C offering six player positions and traditional chips; the L2V featuring traditional cards and virtual or traditional banking options; or the DTS-V utilizing virtual chips and a wide assortment of money handling capabilities (cash-in, TITO, or keyed on credits).

For gaming properties that want stand alone, plug-and-play tables, the DTS-X, offering eight player positions with individual bill validators and ticket printers, provides exciting table game action with all the efficiencies you've come to expect from slot machines. And, for more player positions, the X-table can be expanded with our X-POD wagering terminals. For stadium style gaming theaters, the X-POD terminals can also be arranged in any number of units and floor configurations.

All DTS platforms feature state-of-the-art touch screen technology allowing the players to be part of the action with on-screen virtual chip selection and betting, real time card peeking plus up-to-date player bank information. The DTS has full SAS network capabilities and is compatible with back-end financial tracking and player reward systems.

Given the unrivalled versatility and flexibility of the DTS platform, DigiDeal can now bring the most popular table game themes to to any casino, even the “slots only” floor. The DTS conforms to both electronic table game (GLI 24 & 25) and slot machine regulations (GLI 11). This makes DigiDeal’s e-tables ideal for casinos unable to offer traditional paper card table games but desiring to be more competitive and offer patrons the full casino experience.

From the beginning, DigiDeal has been delivering fun, live table game experiences while maximizing operator profitability. With the exploding popularity of electronic table games in today’s casino market, DigiDeal’s technology and products are the proven benchmark in e-table technology.