DigiDeal’s Intellectual Property

DigiDeal has been issued 34 patents and 7 trademarks and is currently pursuing over 40 additional patent and trademark applications worldwide.

Issued Patents
US 5934672 Slot Machine & Methods of Operation
US 5788230 Drop Slot Game Machine
US 6419226  
US 6619659  
US 6203008 Slot-Type Gaming Machine with Variable Drop
US 6203009 Zone Symbols
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US 5586766 Blackjack Game System and Methods
US 6158741 Method of Playing Blackjack with a Side Wager
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US 6165069 Automated System for Playing Live Casino Table
US 6270404 Games Having Tabletop Changeable Playing Card
US 6651985 Displays and Monitoring Security Features
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US 7878892 Strategy Indicating Table Gaming Apparatuses and Methods
US 771269 Electronic Gaming Machines with Different Player or Dealer Assigned Virtual Card Stacks or Other Symbol Sets
US 7,803,051 Casino Table with Controlled Display of Hidden Cards or Symbols
US 7775887 Casino Table Systems with Multiple Displays and Below Table processor
US 7780512 Multiple Player Slot Machine Game system
AUS 2008/20168 Automated System for Playing Live Casino Table Games Having Tabletop Changeable Playing Card Displays and Play Monitoring Security Features
US 7905776 Methods and Apparatus for Playing a Wagering Game of Chance with a Payout Schedule
US 7845642 Pick-It Poker
US 7,922,589 Electronic Game Table with Multifunctional Legs
US D599414 Tabletop for an Electronic Game
US D606059 Quick-Release Mechanism for Securing a Tabletop Video Display
US D628654 Electronic Game Table
US D636820 Base for an Electronic Game Table
Issued Trademarks
US 2,422,312 Digital 21 (Stylized)
US 2,543,278 DIGIDEAL
US 2,854,032 SLOTJACK
US 2,858,217 BACCARITO
US 3,795,466 DRAGON BACCARAT (Stylized)
US 3,951,062 X-TABLE