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Hoosier Park Racing & Casino Featuring DigiDeal's DTS-V Table with Classic BlackJack


DTS - Hosted Electronic, Multi-Player Table Games With the DigiDeal DTS (Digital Table System) platform you get that real table game experience with its fully hosted or semi-hosted tables. Use a host/cashier and play in auto-host mode or use AFT and be fully automated. Use chips, keyed-on credits or TITO; connect to a SAS back-end system or add player tracking—the choice is yours! Choosing the DigiDeal electronic table system means choosing higher returns and lower costs: Increase game play by doubling or tripling hands/hour* and eliminating lengthy issue resolution processes. Our table system tracks all electronic game transactions and offers easy-to-view histories of all game play. Enhance your table game entertainment value by offering side bonus bets (included with most of our game titles) and hiring dealers/hosts based on social interaction flair and personality rather than traditional dealer skills. Increase table game security, accuracy and accountability while eliminating the need for peeking devices. Completely eliminate acquisition and maintenance costs for felt tops, shufflers, cards and even chips. The DTS is a Linux-based system utilizing a live dealer/game host, but it can be configured to be semi-hosted or auto-hosted. This system incorporates seven 12-inch player and dealer LCD touch screens. The DTS is the only hosted electronic table game that has full network capability and is compatible with all SAS back-end management systems. The DTS, in its full virtual configuration, allows the system to meet many "slot only" jurisdictional requirements. The DTS supports most of DigiDeal's game titles, including Digital 21, Texas Hold'em Bonus, World Poker Tour, 1-6-8 Pai Gow Poker and Dragon Baccarat. New titles, such as Classic Blackjack and Classic Baccarat, offer traditional games with multiple bonus bets to choose from. 

*Depends on game and table configuration.


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