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Reprinted from Casino International, June 2007

One of the world’s most successful electronic table game companies, DigiDeal Corporation, is unveiling three new exciting games at G2E Asia in June. East meets West with our newest games, Taraccab™, DragonBacc™ & Buddha’s Fortune™.

Targeted for the rapid growth of the Macau and Asia table game markets, DragonBacc™, Taraccab™, and Buddha’s Fortune™ will be fast paced, profitable additions to any pit. Already being played in Cambodia, DragonBacc™ delivers the appeal and social interaction of classic Baccarat with card curls and player/banker reveals. Played on the next generation of DigiDeal’s hosted, multi-player electronic table system, DragonBacc brings all the classic appeal and social interaction players enjoy.

Making its debut at G2E Asia, Taraccab™, features the new Mahjongg-styled Dragon Deck from Gamelot®. This unique game plays like face-up Baccarat, but the winning hand is determined by the best match of the best cards. Luck is with you if the hand you bet on reveals paired Feng Sui or Dragon cards. Incorporating the favorite elements of Baccarat and Mahongg, Taraccab delivers excitement and variety to the casino floor.

The latest addition to the DigiDeal game portfolio, Buddha’s Fortune™ combines the thrill and imagery of slots and with the feel and camaraderie of traditional table games. Players can “Double Down” on their original bet as well as buy a “Bonus Card” in order to win big with the best three-of-a-kind match. This table promises mass appeal for both slot and card players.

“The Asian market is ready for games that resonate with their culture and history,” states Dave Krise, VP of Design and Development at DigiDeal. “We believe these new titles will be well-received by players and bring some game diversity to the casino floor.”

Dealing 700-800 hands per hour, the DigiDeal platforms bring a new level of security and accountability never before seen in table games. With DigiDeal’s electronic table platfroms, associated equipment costs such as cards, peeking devices and shufflers are things of the past. The benefit of faster play improves productivity that goes directly to the bottom line. DigiDeal electronic table games are the perfect blend of fun and ease of play that players are looking for with the security and profitability the casino operators demand.

Featuring a live dealer or host, DigiDeal’s DTS (Digital Table System) can be configured to use traditional chips, or offer full virtual play by using on-screen virtual chips and player banking through its built-in bill validation and ticket printing technology. The DTS is the only hosted electronic table game that has full network capability and is compatible with all SAS back-end management systems. The DTS, in its full virtual configuration, allows the system to meet many “slot only” jurisdictional requirements. And, with our new “Automated Play” feature, this table can practically run itself.

DigiDeal’s newest platform, the DTS-X, or X- Table™ is a stand-alone, Linux based game system. The table can be configured to accommodate from 4 to 10 players. This new system incorporates fifteen inch player LCD touch screens and a large center LCD display to display the game action. The X-table™ is fully networkable and compatible with all SAS back end management systems. The X-table’s graphically enhanced virtual environment allows the players to interact like never before with life-like chip betting, card peeking and flipping. And this platform is not limited to just poker! DigiDeal has a vast portfolio of patented games being developed for the X-table. No longer limited by human capability, this technology allows stand-alone electronic table games to go where they have never gone before.

Players love the simplicity and speed of DigiDeal games. There are no long down times waiting for a shuffle because a truly random digital shuffle takes only a few seconds. Plus, the intimidation factor is gone for new players worried about making the right play decision. Friendly status graphics help keep the player updated to the game play and hand outcomes.

Today’s casino players are more sophisticated and are looking for that social interaction/experience made popular by televised table game play. Their inherent comfort with electronic game play and their desire for fast paced, more complex games makes DigiDeal tables a perfect blend of fun and ease-of-play that players want, with the security and profitability that casino operators demand.

With over 300 tables in operation around the world, and a heavy demand from established and emerging markets, DigiDeal is excited about their new alliance with gaming technology leader, IGT.

“We felt that it was time to join teams with IGT because the industry was receiving the product so well, and because we were getting inquiries world wide,” states Mike Kuhn, CEO of DigiDeal.”We had need for certain progressives, game content and technical expertise that a company like IGT could bring to the table.”

So, if you are at G2E Asia, stop by and try out DigiDeal’s latest game titles at Stand #440.

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