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G2E 2010 Arguably the biggest event in the gaming calendar, 2010's G2E in Las Vegas didn't disappoint
Casino International
December 2010

It had quality visitors, in good numbers, and a great atmosphere. This year's G2E felt more vibrant, had more buzz, than last year's show. Business was done, deals were discussed, and everyone left feeling happy. Casino International rounds up the best product we saw at the Global Gaming Expo in Vegas …


Table games are DigiDeal's bread and butter, and since their split from IGT in September 2010, they've gone back to basics—that is, making some of the finest electronic table games in the business. And as SEnior VP of Game Development Dave Krise told CI, the key is flexibility. "We feel we have by far the best and most flexible products in the industry. One of the key facets of our products in addition to the security and productivity is flexibility, we can have our tables approved as GLI 11 which is a slot machine, or we can be GLI 24 or 25 for electronic table games. So those jurisdictions that only allow slot machines and don't have table games in casinos, they can have table games now; these tables play exactly like a real table game but meet all the requirements of a slot machine."

On their stand dominated somewhat by a pole dancer, Dave explained some of what they had on show at G2E: "This year we're showing the L2V (Live to Virtual) table which has a live shoe on it. We're demonstrating it with TCSJOHNHUXLEY's card reading show; some customers have said they want to go that way, so we're showing our flexibility again. Of course, with a live deck of cards and a shoe you might only deal 200 to 250 hands an hour; with our tables you get in excess of 800 hands an hour." And with those numbers, taking a closer look at DigiDeal's products seems to be a no brainer. So we'll be doing exactly that in a forthcoming issue of Casino International.

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