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DigiDeal’s All About the Flexibility

Casino International
October 2011

Emerging from the ashes of their acquisition by IGT, DigiDeal is out to remind the gaming world of what they are all about: electronic table games, and the flexibility to deliver whatever you need regardless of the jurisdictional requirements.

The company offers three primary gaming platforms: the DTS-C with live chips and virtual cards; the DTS-V, which is an all virtual gaming table; and the X-Table a standalone gaming system. Dave Krise, Senior VP of Product Development for DigiDeal, says the X-Table has had some exciting developments of late, with a new wagering terminal accompanying it so operators can expand the offering: “We have added the X-POD to the X-Table, which is a standalone betting terminal; you can have up to 99 terminals connect to the X-Table. In addition to our Classic Series of Blackjack, Baccarat and Hold’em, we will be adding Roulette, racing games and even slot content to the X-POD and X-Table system. It’s similar to many of the other modular systems out there, but has a much smaller footprint and requires no kiosk or buy-in personnel.

“We call it our plug-and-play system because it is that simple. There’s no complicated setup; everything is self-contained. It’s not a huge commitment for a casino and with an economical footprint, it takes up a lot less space per seat than some competitors – and in any casino environment, square footage is money.”

Like all good development, this expansion of DigiDeal’s core ideal is born not only from their innate need to innovate, but also from customer requirements. Dave adds: “Our original focus for the company was the DTS-C and V platforms, which look and play like a live table game with a live dealer, but we were asked in many jurisdictions to produce a standalone terminal. Some of our customers wanted the ability to provide a labor-efficient solution to compete with larger and more expensive solutions.

“The X-Table was originally developed as a poker system where each position had its own bill validator and ticket printer, then we expanded the eight seating positions with the X-POD. It’s been an evolution from our dealer-hosted tables, and it’s happened because our customers have asked for it.”

Flexibility is a word you will often hear at DigiDeal, and with good reason. Dave is no exception, as flexibility is the key to DigiDeal’s approach. Dave elaborates: “Our focus for all of our products is flexibility. We started the company with a hosted Blackjack type electronic table, and we’ve expanded our product line with the X-Table for a standalone dealer-less solution and the X-POD for expandability. In the other direction, we have the DTS-L2V, or Live to Virtual, where we have taken our virtual table with player tracking and full back end accountability and added a live card-dealing shoe.

“We say ‘we’re the perfect fit for any pit’ in our advertising and we mean it. If you’re in a slot-only jurisdiction or a full Vegas-style casino, we have a product that fits perfectly. Whether it’s the DTS-C with live chips and virtual cards; the DTS-V L2V with live cards and virtual wagering or an all virtual DTS-V that appears and plays like a live table game but is fully electronic and is approved as a slot machine. Or, if you want a fully standalone system that can be expanded, we have the X-Table...we can offer the perfect electronic table solution for nearly every jurisdiction in the world.”

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