Classic Baccarat delivers all the fun of traditional baccarat plus it has two optional bonus bets to choose from! You can choose to play Classic Baccarat with both bonus bets, only one bonus bet, or no bonus bets at all! Choose between our Win Sum Bonus™ bet and the popular Match Card Bonus™ bet. Both bonus bets have several pay charts to choose from. Maximize both fun and profits with this new title!

With the DigiDeal platform you get that real table game experience with it’s fully hosted or semi-hosted tables. Use a host/cashier and play in auto-host mode or use AFT and go be fully automated. Use chips, keyed on credits or TITO. Connect to a SAS back end system or add player tracking the choice is yours—the choice is DigiDeal!

Win Sum Bonus™ is a trademark of Betwiser Games, LLC; Match Card Bonus™ is a trademark of DigiDeal Corporation.