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Classic Blackjack delivers the enjoyment of blackjack with the added excitement of bonus bets!
There are popular bonus side bets for the casino to choose from: High Tie Blackjack® Bonus and Upcard Luck 21™ Bonus, which are paid on the first two cards or “hole” cards; and the Buster Blackjack™ Bonus, which is paid on the final hand outcome or “end game.” Now the operator can decide what type of bonus side bet and how many to offer its patrons: two, one or none at all. Multiple pay charts are available for each side bet. Maximum of two side bets in play at one time (one hole card and one end game).

And, Classic Blackjack is available on all our platforms! Check out our video to see how easy Blackjack Tournaments can be on our no-host X-Table!

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