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Award winning Pik-It Poker™! Now play 3 or 5 Card Poker: Player's Choice!

Pik-It Poker is a house-banked poker game with a twist:  the player gets to choose between playing their best three or five card hand against the dealer after seeing their cards. 

Players can also wager the optional 3-Card Bonus bet and get to choose their first three cards to turn over to make a three card hand. If they get a pair or better, they win the 3-Card Bonus bet. 

Pik-It Poker:

  • Provides the appeal of  3-card and 5-card poker along with special bonus bets
  • 3- Card Bonus allows players to choose three cards to make a unique 3-card hand from their five face down cards
  • 5- Card Bonus pays on hands with two pair or higher
  • Player can choose which game they would like to play after they see their entire 5-card hand
  • A “Suggested” feature can be used to show the player what play is optimal and help players quickly learn how the game is played

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